- Worldwide, 2 billion humans have no access and another 2 billion have only limited access to electricity.

- Worldwide, 1.5 billion humans have no access to potable water.

- Worldwide, only 27 % of people living in rural areas have direct access to water.

Access to power and clean water

need not be a utopia for

a large segment of the population

– it only needs to be affordable.


- Independent and stand-alone energy supply

- Self-sufficient (renewable) energy 24/7

- Low operating costs ensure cost efficiency

- Minimal supply needs simplify supply logistics

- Versatile modular design

- Mobility enhanced through the use of a standard shipping container

Self-sufficient, self-sustaining, cost-efficient, simple, energy-saving, flexible, mobile


20-foot shipping container – housing the entire system

Wind power plant – small wind turbine with high efficiency

Solar power plant – mounted on a customized versatile rack

Energy storage – ensures constant energy supply

Control system – optimal management of all system components

Diesel gen-set – compensating power peaks

Water treatment unit / Seawater desalination unit – Optional









Energy supply in off-grid locations

Energy and drinking water supply in locations that have no connection to the national grid

Stand-alone systems

Uninterruptible and climate friendly power supply parallel to, or in addition to regular power grid

Disaster / relief applications

Rapid, mobile and stand-alone energy and drinking water supply for disaster situations

Environment / climate friendly

Consumer supply possible (hardware recharge)

Capex or Opex business model


Low cost of operation

through the use of renewable energy (minimal fuel and supply logistics)


combination of state-of-the-art modules ensures uninterruptible power supply

Quality assurance

all key components certified

Eco-friendly and efficient

meets or exceeds established pollution control standards

Clean, tidy and quiet

can be used in residential areas and near hospitals


mobile, flexible and adaptable


can be operated under extreme climatic conditions

Modular design

system can easily be upgraded


Together with scientists from different disciplines, the SolidGround - Group has been working for more than 20 years on the development of renewable energy technologies and on strategies for their implementation for the benefit of mankind. In 2007, a research and development company, SaEnergy Systems GmbH, was founded in Germany for this purpose.

In 2017, TomEnSo (Tomorrow's Energy Solutions) was founded with the mission to market the renewable energy products ("Power&Life Container", wind turbine, solar thermal) & services of the group worldwide.


"Human dignity is inviolable".

We are convinced that a dignified life is indispensably linked to the quality of living conditions. The quality of living conditions is usually influenced by access to energy and clean drinking water. Therefore, we firmly believe that every human being has the right to free access to electricity and drinking water.

This defines our goals: the development and distribution of a mobile, variable, modular and cost-efficient energy system based on renewable energies. In parallel, we want to address environmentally conscious customers in the growing renewable energy market and thus combat global climate change by actively contributing to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of our planet.

Even though we formulated our sustainable impact strategy, and based on it our corporate strategy long before the SDGs came into force, it is 100% congruent.

"Energy and water mean life."

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